Floridian History is Rich, but Perpetually Discarded.

Florida's history has often been neglected by both American and international historians. As the state's transient population and rapid development has resulted in the loss of distinct Floridian cultures, and its location on the frontier of the United States has made it less visible to national historical narratives, many historians discard the state completely. As a lifelong resident of the Sunshine State, the importance of preserving and displaying Florida's history cannot be overstated. It can be argued that Florida is one of, if not the most, historically rich state in America. Florida's unique diverse cultural influences have contributed to a rich and complex history that deserves to be studied and celebrated. However, while Florida's history may be strong, its historiography is incredibly weak. Project Floridiana serves to put Florida's history and historiography on display for easy access, allowing all people to gain a deeper understanding of the state's past, appreciate its cultural diversity, and ensure that this history is not lost to future generations.