World Travels and Navigation Journals by Forbes Grace

Forbes Grace, born in 1926, was a lifelong resident of Jacksonville, Florida. During his lifetime, he was a captain and pilot, craftsman, and realtor. After his passing in 2016, Forbes left behind a series of unpublished journals. One of Forbes' great-grandsons came into possession of these journals, and digitized them for viewing on the Internet Archive under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Below are listed all the journals.


The World Travels Journals of Forbes Grace

Three journals chronicle his five-month-long journey around the world in 1971 across several cruise liners and shipping vessels. The works provide a perspective of a Floridian traveling throughout South and Central America, South Africa, and South East Asia.

Journal One - February to April, 1971

Journal Two - April to May, 1971

Journal Three - May to June, 1971


Astronomy Journals

Two journals contain various astronomic observations made from his home in Jacksonville, Florida in June of 1969.

Line-of-Position, Sun & Planets



Nautical Navigation Binder

A binder detailing different aspects of nautical navigation. Composed sometime in the 1960s and 1970s, in the same era as these other works.

Nautical Navigation Binder