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Komi Jama

The Language of Hope

Hello! This is the work-in-progress homepage for the constructed language Komi Jama that my good friend Lucy and I are creating together. Right now, Komi Jama is solidly in beta territory! So please keep everything on this page with a grain of salt. However, do not fear learning the current vocabulary. Changes will not be made to the current definitions, we will only build on what you see here.

Komi Jama is a minimalist constructed language, inspired by languages like Esperanto and Toki Pona, with a vocabulary of only 274 words. Most words can be used as a noun, verb, or modifier depending on grammatical usage and context, allowing for a high degree of flexibility in how a word can be used within a sentence. For example, nouns can be combined with modifiers to express more complex ideas and things, rather than having an individual word for everything we interact with. Komi Jama grammar is more complex than most other minimalist languages, but still remains far more simple than any natural language. This more complex grammar allows for a wider variety of expression, and a better understanding of words and phrases outside of their original context.

Want to learn Komi Jama? It's incredibly simple! I believe the core words and grammar can be learned in just a few hours for simple expressions, the whole vocabulary and all essential grammar can be learned in a week of casual study, and can be mastered in under a month. Here are some resources to get started:

ka Aluka ki ka Komi Jama (The Komi Jama Dictionary): A spreadsheet containing the current totality of the Komi Jama vocabulary, and rough definitions for each form of use.

ka Aluka Nanija ki ka Komi Jama (The Komi Jama Grammar): An UNFINISHED formal grammar for Komi Jama, mostly written by Lucy. Most grammar essentials are here, so you can get started! A more casual learning resource will be prepared in time.

ka Tantoli ki Komi Jama (The Komi Jama Collaborative Group): A Discord server containing Komi Jama references and community creations!

ka Kujisuleto ki ka Komi Jama (The Komi Jama Quizlet): A Quizlet containing all Komi Jama vocabulary as of writing (06.09.23).

Happy learning!

ka potoka ki Komi Jama

One last thing before I go. Every original creation related to Komi Jama created by Lucy and I, including the vocabulary, official Grammar, characters/graphics, and associated conscripts, are published under a Creative Commons CC0 license. This makes them, effectively, public domain! Enjoy :)