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This page was last updated on 2023.12.02.

I felt the need to create this page, because as prideful as I am of allowing use of my work under free-use licenses, I do an awful job of displaying that fact. So, in recognition, I am providing a helpful explanation of all of the free-use licenses on my site. 

By default, you can automatically assume all original properties (art, writing, and code created by myself) hosted on my site are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Essentially, this means that you may share or adapt the contents of my site and the materials I make so long as you attribute me as the original author, share your work under the same or an equivalent license, and do not sell, advertise, or otherwise profit off of the work. 

However, although this is the case for most materials, it is not the case for all materials. In addition, the pages that link out of this site almost certainly do not comply under the same licenses and are not owned by myself. So, let’s explore how you can use and share the things I have created!

Original Properties 

The majority of my original artwork, writing, and web work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA, as previously stated. This includes the History of Onaki Podcast, including its artwork, audio, transcripts, maps, etc. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. 

Public Properties

Some of my original works I have deemed to be “Public Properties”, meaning properties which I have dedicated to the Public Domain. These projects were either deliberately made with the intent of being public, no longer are actively worked on, or were created so long ago that I deem them too low of quality to be of any worth to me. These properties are under a CC0 Public Domain license, meaning you are free to use those resources for any purpose whatsoever, including commercial ones! Here the properties hosted on this site included under this license:

Any other materials I release under a CC0 license will fall under these same terms.

I would like to make it clear that upon my death, all of my creations which I hold sole ownership of will automatically become public domain. Although I do not expect this to come anytime soon, life is a fickle thing!

Derivative Works

This section gets a bit squirrely! Pay careful attention. 

Derivative Fanwork for Individuals

The license applied to fanwork for individuals depends on the preference of the individual in question. When I publish fanworks for individuals, I publish them under the license that they use for their own works. Of course, for artists who publish under a nonderivative license, I receive permission beforehand. A good way to identify the license preference of an individual is to visit their website or to visit their Newgrounds page, which has Creative Commons licenses built in to the site. Here are some of the licenses for the artworks I have created for specific artists, based on the licenses they provide for their own artwork:

These are just the most popular subjects I have created art for, so if you come across another derivative work, please look into the license for their own works (or visit my Newgrounds page which has a license for artists who choose to publish under one). 

Derivative Fanwork of Existing Properties

Under United States copyright law, creating a derivative property of a copyrighted work with no license is illegal. Although I would argue that this could be Fair Use, let’s not test our luck, shall we? Do not share or distribute these works of mine. 

Fortunately, the property I've made the most fanwork of has a Fan Content Policy! My Outer Wilds artworks hosted on this site are unofficial Fan Content created under permission from the Mobius Digital Fan Content Policy. It includes materials which are the property of Mobius Digital and it is neither approved nor endorsed by Mobius Digital.

Commission and Freelance Work

Although as of writing I do not do commission or freelance work, if I do this work in the future, the license will be up to the client. You will see this license attached to the work wherever it is posted, likely on this website, Newgrounds, or attached directly in the image.

In the future I will be creating a portfolio section of this website where all licenses for my major works are clearly listed and identified. However, that is not yet live!