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The History of Onaki Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the History of Onaki.

This is a podcast detailing the history of the city and empire of Onaki, mostly from a state-centric perspective. We will be covering the entire history of the city, spanning over three thousand years. We've got quite a journey ahead of us.

This podcast is on a weekly schedule, and is published each Sunday. If I miss a week, please forgive me. I'll update you all as best I can on my socials, which can be found on my homepage.

On this page, you can access transcripts, maps, artwork, and other materials related to the podcast, as well as the episodes themselves. Each episode has its own page, where you can access all the requisite materials. Pretty convenient!

Looking for the podcast? You can listen here on Yamasztuka.com, or elsewhere on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.

Season 1

Episode 1 - In the Beginning

Episode 2 - A Call from Heaven

Episode 3 - The Founding

Episode 4 - Unfounded Revenge

Mini-Episode 4.5 - New Year's Traditions

Episode 5 - What Could Go Wrong

Episode 6 - Q&A 1

Episode 7 - Father, I Stretch My Hands

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