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Weird With It

Weird With It is a project started in 2021 to archive and preserve obscure independent music produced on CDs, mostly found in thrift stores, flea markets, and secondhand shops. Each CD has been ripped into lossless FLAC files, which can be played back and downloaded on the Internet Archive. None of the audio in this archive has been uploaded anywhere on the internet prior to these uploads, to my knowledge. To preserve the spirit of only archiving music that is uncared for, any music which has an ISBN, record label, or any other kind of classification have not been uploaded.

The albums listed here are ordered first by name, then album.


Bobby Palmero - The Gift of Love


Danny Cason Siefried - The Double Bogie Blues

Dave Fernandez - Massage by Dave

Desert Rain - The Concert Set


In2Rhythm - Warm Summer Night


John Laws - John Laws Plays Jazz


Kelly Neff - Dogs in the Distance


Mark Copeland - By The Heart

The Marlins - The Best of The Marlins

Matt Dean - The Chicago Projects, Part 1

Michael Rusch - LIVE at Green Springs


Pirjo H. Lisitsin-Hos - Feel Transcendent


Unknown Artist - Quest Vol. 1 Promo Disc


St. Patrick's Music Ministry - St. Patrick's Golden Jubilee